From concept to completion

Are you ready to start the conversation with your sales and marketing team about a new trade show booth? Brands always go through a refresh or facelift and so should all of your sales tools to help your company stay consistent and be competitive. Planning for a new trade show booth doesn’t have to be painful. In fact, the planning and design of a new booth space can be painless along the way and rewarding when complete.

To help you get started with planning, always make sure the size of booth you require is going to fulfil all of your needs when your out at different events. Many business decisions can flow too fast without proper thought and can leave your team wanting more after the first event. Booth sizes range from 8ft to 40ft plus. Depending on how many sales staff will be present at the event, products you plan to showcase, and sales tools you plan to communicate with – ensure that you have ample space to feel comfortable in and that the floor space will fit your audience as well. The last thing your business needs is to swat away potential leads because they couldn’t fit in your booth!

After deciding on the size of your booth, the next important task is the look and feel. What will it look like? What will you use to communicate your brand within your decided floor space?

Your branding guidelines will help assist you in answering the first question. If your brand has a specific look and uses specific colours in its communications then you should let event audiences know who you are by having them flock to what they already know and are familiar with. There are also many tools and accessories you can use within your booth space to communicate your brand. For example, Touch Screen Monitors for media, Counters and Literature Stands, or even a Hanging Sign 20ft above.

When designing a new booth, Custom Modular Displays always takes these important decisions into consideration and delivers the best looking booth for your brand. Here is a concept of a new 20ft x 20ft booth completed for WRI Supply in Canada.

As you can see in the 3D renderings, the floor space is comfortable to move around in, the booth design has a modern look to it and will attract many people by the use of TV monitors to communicate their product offering. A custom rendering of your new booth will give you perspective and will give you the opportunity to view everything before it even gets created and printed. Custom Modular Displays always ensures that you are more than satisfied with the rendering before starting to create your new booth.


Upon review of your new booth rendering, you may decide to hit the start button on this project. CMD wastes no time, and takes into consideration your deadlines and event start dates. After completion, Custom Modular Displays will stage and set up your new booth for you to view.  This is where you to start to really see concept to completion!



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