Fabrics, panels, and banners OH MY!

At Custom Modular Displays, we use only top quality materials and fabrics when creating your display graphics. There are several types of materials for each individual application and different ways of applying each one depending on your display type or structure.

The first type of material we’ll discuss is called, Vivid. Vivid is a foldable, washable, vibrant dye sublimation backlit material. It is great for lightwalls or custom backlit displays. This type of material can be applied by securing its silicone edge to the display. The fabric stretches from all sides to create a seamless, wrinkle free graphic for your display. Depending on the type of display structure, there are other types of fabrics used to create the same finished look. Trifab is another type of fabric material used for light walls and silicone edge graphics.

(This image is displaying the use of its Vivid fabric material)

The second material is called Polyflex. Polyflex is also foldable and washable much like Vivid, but it carries anti-microbial properties, and is an anti-wrinkle, stretchy, polyester dye sublimation type of fabric. These are also applied by securing its high quality silicone edge to your display.  Structures that require a different type of fabric but still rely on its silicone edge also use a fabric called, Superfab.

(This image is displaying the use of its Polyflex fabric material)

As you can see, fabric can be used in many different applications and in many different display structures. Tension fabric structures like Fablite utilize a material called Softknit. While other displays such as Fabrimurals use a fabric called, EZ Stretch.

  • When printing graphics for counter wraps, and graphic panels for popup displays, a magnetic mural panel is used. These magnetic mural panels are made up of a combination of a backer, poly, and laminate. The output for this type of material can rate up to 1200 DPI. Custom Modular Displays can supply these samples to you upon request.

(This image is displaying the use of Magnetic Mural Panels)

Banner stands are a sales floor staple. They are commonly used to display and communicate a brand or used to showcase specific products. They fit in a zippered bag and carried to your next event with ease. Banner stands range in different size bases and different heights. Since banner stands are meant to be used regularly and are handled more often, the output media to print the graphics needs to withstand the high volume of transportation and use.

Our banners are printed on an ultra smooth non-curling block-out banner media. With the ultra smooth surface it’s an excellent choice for high resolution photo’s and high-end graphic applications.

(This image is displaying a 33″ BannerBug Banner Stand printed on ultra-smooth media)

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