CMD Product of the week: Expand Counters

When exhibiting at a trade show or showcasing product on your sales floor, you’d want a simple and lightweight solution for a counter. Something easy enough for any person to pick up and move around if need be. This week’s CMD Product Of The Week is no other than our Expand PodiumCase Counters.

The Expand PodiumCase Counters are a great addition to any booth space. Whether you expect large crowds gathered around your booth, or a 1 on 1 interaction with your delegates – the Expand Counters offer simplicity. Moving the counter to and from your event is a breeze. When packed up, the Expand Counters are a transportation case on wheels. The suitcase style shell makes it easier and safer to load than traditional “barrel” style transport cases or boxes.

Just open up the case, clip in the foldable top, and attach your graphic. Thats it! When setup, there are also detachable shelves on the inside to hold your literature, demo products, or you may want just want to keep certain items out of sight. The Expand PodiumCase Counter also offers a large surface top.


These are a few examples of the Expand PodiumCase Counter.


Here’s a quick video of how easy it is to set up:

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