Staging for a perfect performance

When you think of an audition you might picture a panel of judges, maybe a stage with some lights, and out behind the curtains possibly a nervous display booth just waiting to show everyone what it’s got! The same type of “audition” takes place at CMD’s headquarters. Each display that leaves the CMD warehouse receives a thorough inspection and staging before its departure. From testing it’s lighting system to installing tv monitors, CMD ensures that every display piece receives the care it deserves.

Here are some examples of staging customer display booths at Custom Modular Displays.

Displays are not the only thing receiving pre show attention during staging. Some booths require specific technology to be attached or many times paired together within the booth space. Many companies are now displaying video at their event space or engaging their audience with an interactive game or survey. It is up to our staging experts at Custom Modular Displays to ensure that each video, photo, presentation or any digital file is displayed correctly for your event and all settings are adjusted to suit your needs – talk about piece of mind! 

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