Renting or Buying?

When planning for an event the most important thing to consider is your budget. How much are you able to spend? Different factors should be considered when purchasing or renting your event materials and displays. For how long do you plan on exhibiting? Will you be attending a number of shows throughout the year? Or, is this a one time thing? The answer to these and other basic questions will determine whether or not your best suited with a rental or a purchase.

Both options carry a variety of positive factors to consider. Some benefits of renting your trade show displays include:

  • Not worrying about the expiration of a warranty. All rental inventory will always be the most up to date (never an obsolete display).
  • Zero concerns over storage of the booth as all rental inventory is stored at CMD.
  • Displays are always staged before each show.
  • Accessory Capability –  Accompanied accessories are always staged and tested before each show.

When purchasing a display, you are bound to the warranty you’ve agreed upon on the initial purchase. You are also responsible for storing it. Some displays are extensive, and some are extremely mobile and easy to store. Before making the decision to purchase, ask about the amount of cases your desired booth takes up. There are some benefits to purchasing, they include:

  • The booth is the property of the purchaser.
  • Saving on your bottom-line. Purchases tend to be cheaper than rentals.

As a side note, make sure to take into consideration wear and tear. If you’ve purchased your booth, you may be back for another one after just a few shows or after your first year or two. The transportation and handling of booths can sometimes shorten their lifespan, so be sure you are prepared for this.

Custom Modular Displays will be happy to answer any questions you may have when it comes to renting or purchasing your next trade show booth or displays. Our knowledgable team of professionals have seen it all. We’ll help you decide which is best suited for you and why. View our current Rental Inventory here. 


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