All aboard! The Tech and Touch Band Wagon

There is nothing worse than a dull looking booth with little to no appeal. The best sales pitch coming out of that dull booth is “Here’s a pen and a brochure, call us if you’re interested”. That is not our vision for our customers and definitely not what we ever want to see on any sales floor. It’s 2018, and everyone should be hopping on the tech and touch band wagon if they haven’t already! When speaking to a large number of attendees at a trade show, or showcasing products to customers at your event, you want to be sure to always keep your audience engaged. Just enough to come by and check out what you have to offer.

Whether its interaction with a touch screen or simple displays running a video stream, it is important to always stay current and give people the interactive tools they are familiar with. Most of us today are using smartphones and tablets one way or another. We’re a lot more familiar with video, social media, and interactive touch capabilities. We’re already shying away from the use of remote controls and more wireless bluetooth connectivity via your phone and use of touch screen displays are a lot more common now.

So we asked ourselves, why not build an all-in-one digital application that encompasses everything mentioned above? An application exhibitors can utilize on-screen to engage their audience and obtain the right leads at a trade show. We have, and its called the CMD Touch Media Hub dashboard.

The Solution.

With the CMD Touch Media Hub, it will provide your audience with on demand, full screen, interactive capabilities. When attendees are curious enough to touch whats on-screen and interact with your products, product info or contribute to your social media, that’s a positive thing. With a wide range of benefits and capabilities, the Touch Media Hub is perfect for..

  • Viewing and printing your brochures and literature on demand.
  • Video playback with customizable interactive menus
  • Internet-ready. Visit web links, view websites, stream your social media live!
  • Engage your audience with surveys, touch enabled games.
  • Save on service costs! Works like a lead retrieval system – gather attendee information.
  • Post show exhibitor analytics.
  • Works with any PC running Windows 10 or higher.
  • User friendly interface is 100% customizable catered to your branding guidelines.


There is no need for you to set up a powerpoint presentation or be present at your computer or tv monitor the entire duration of the show just to switch between applications. Our digital team will work with your staff to make sure every detail of the application is perfect for your event and that everything is staged before hand, just for piece of mind. Adhering to your branding guidelines, each Touch Dashboard is custom made to look and feel like your company. This includes fonts, colours, look & feel, and on-screen content.

The CMD Touch Media Hub will also collect data from your audience and provide your sales team with a post-show analytics report. See how many people printed a particular brochure, or how many people entered your contest. With the same capabilities as a lead retrieval system, attendees to your booth simply key in their email or contact info, and hit submit. The information is stored and can be downloaded at any time.

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like to engage with your audience and retrieve those solid leads at a trade show, contact Custom Modular Displays. We’ll make sure you are 100% satisfied with our application and that the CMD Touch Media Hub works to your company’s advantage.

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