Bannerbug® Bannerstands: Like “Jacuzzi” is to Hot Tubs

Bannerbug® Banner stands are a staple when it comes to high quality banners. The name Bannerbug® is a recognized brand, much like “Jacuzzi” is for the hot tub. When it comes to choosing the right banner for your business, you want to make sure it can withstand the trips it makes from show to show. Banners are a portable display that can easily be moved and carried away – which makes them more susceptible to damage while handling time after time. Low cost, low quality material, and bad construction of a banner can really have you reaching for your wallet more times than a few. Replacing banners every year is not the most sensible thing to do, so always be sure that the banner you’re ready to purchase comes with some type of warranty attached to it.

All Bannerbug® Banner stands come with a lifetime warranty which fully guarantees that each banner is free from material and manufacturing defects for the entire life of the product, excluding wear and tear. At it’s discretion, Bannerbug® will repair or replace unsatisfactory banners at no charge to you, when they are returned to Custom Modular Displays, prepaid, in otherwise impeccable condition.

Bannerbug® Banner stands are available at Custom Modular Displays as a single or double-sided display. These sleek and modern banners roll up inseconds, and when new graphics are needed, they are quick and easy to change with the low-profile velcro top rail. The Bannerbug® Banner stands come in many ranges of sizes from the pint-sized Desk Bug® to the 9.5 foot Giant Bug® with a silver coloured base and black end caps on each side. There is also a black base version called the Bannerbug® Black (available through special order). Each Bannerbug® display comes with a nylon carrying bag. Optional hard cases are also available upon request.



The following list of sizes are available for each Bannerbug® Banner stand:


Mini Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 15.75″ x 44.25″
Desk Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 8.69″ x 29.125″
Baby Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 22.81″ x 68.875″
33inch Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 33.375″ x 94.5″
39inch Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 39.375″ x 94.5″
47inch Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 47.25″ x 94.5″
59inch Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 59.06″ x 94.5″
72inch Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 70.75″ x 94.5″
Giant Bug
Graphic Panel Size (w x h): 39.375″ x 121.25″



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