Nomadic Display® – A leader in custom modular and portable display solutions

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We carry only high quality, sustainable displays that give you lifetime exhibiting versatility. Our pop up displays like the Instand or SPlus, or even our Extrusion systems like the Lightwall or Downlit displays have one thing in common. They are all created by the same company who’s passion for creativity and innovation sees no end. As an award-winning and leading producer of exhibit displays for more than 40 years, I present you, Nomadic Display®.

Offering top-of-the-line, light-weight exhibits, Nomadic Display® is known as the world’s most experienced in the exhibit and display industry. With a long track record spanning over 40 years, Nomadic takes great pride in their work, and offers protection against defective craftsmanship. Made in the USA, Nomadic Display® uses only high quality materials and state of the art fabrication techniques to give customers the durable construction they seek when making that investing for event marketing.



Winner of more than 20 awards for designs and presentations, Nomadic Display® has achieved the G7 Master certification in graphic printing. This Master status award is given to companies who utilize the most modern technology and techniques. With over 200 distribution centres around the world, Nomadic’s robust network of partners has allowed for them to expand its operations and offer their products in 34 countries.


As a Nomadic Premium Partner, Custom Modular Displays carries the most up-to-date and most popular exhibits that Nomadic has to offer. Nomadic displays are custom and modular, thus; giving the ability to break them down for smaller displays or repurpose them to make larger ones. The very foundation and naming of our company (Custom Modular Displays) was primarily built on these same values of providing that same versatility to displays that will adapt to virtually any environment. We work closely with Nomadic to ensure each display piece is exactly how the customer requested it to be. Custom Modular Displays is the sole distributor for Nomadic Display® in Southern Ontario.

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