Handle with care

At Custom Modular Displays we only offer banners that are of high quality and durable materials. From the base to the print, we guarantee a long life span. There are times however, when we need to repair other banners brought in by customers who have used low quality, cheaper alternatives. The life span of these low quality banners are extremely low and can end up costing more than double the cost of a high quality banner after all the repairs are done until its time to chuck em out!

When purchasing one of our BannerBug units, you receive nothing but quality and fine craftsmanship. The lifetime warranty guarantees you don’t need to “chuck anything out”.

There are some things to keep in mind when receiving your low quality banners for the first time. The way your banner is treated today, can affect the way it performs tomorrow, so follow these simple rules and you may be able to preserve those low quality banners for a while longer.

  1. When receiving your banner for the first time, make sure not to cut the top of the box in too deep. Most banners are covered in a zipped nylon bag so cutting deep can puncture and rip your bag. These are not repairable!
  2. Its time to prop up your banner – what do you do? Always make sure you grab the top pole from the center position. If grabbing too much to the left, or too much to the right it can cause the banner to tear or rip. An even pull from the center-up is a great habit and should be done all the time to ensure your banner print is secured to stay in its position.
  3. There are caps at each end of the banner print top pole. These plastic caps act as a barrier for the inner clamp holding the print. Always ensure these caps are present. A missing cap can increase the risk of a banner print popping out.
  4. A clean unit is a happy unit. Dirt, debris, and other small materials can make there way into the unit. These can be harmful to the point of leaving marks, rips, tears, lines, or impressions. Make sure the area you prop your banner up, and the base of your banner is free of these things. If you have to, before propping up the print, give the unit a blow or a wipe down the base with a clean cloth.

These should apply to your BannerBug units as well, or any other banner unit you’ve decided to purchase to ensure the longevity of your product.

For information on our BannerBug Bannerstands, check out our inventory here. To request a quote from Custom Modular Displays, fill out our form here.

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