5 Different Uses for Trade Show Displays

Trade show booth displays; which are commonly used for trade show events, can also have other uses! Many people who seek to minimize or eliminate their labour or shipping costs look to get creative with their booth or display. Since there are plenty of types of marketing events, trade show display booths can be utilized elsewhere easily and effectively. Here are 5 ways you can get creative with your trade show display booth.


Career Fairs, Meeting Rooms, or School Events

With a wide assortment of displays available to choose from, any type of smaller trade show booth will work beautifully in a meeting room or gymnasium. While everyone else stands behind a 6ft table, you can stand out from the crowd with an effective and creative way to communicate your message. An Instand Pop-up with custom graphics or a few BannerBug® Bannerstands would definitely do the trick!


Parties, Nightclub Promotions, Entertainment Venues

Another creative way to utilize your trade show display is to showcase them at night for an entertainment venue or nightclub promotion. Creating custom graphics for your lightwall allows you the opportunity for a unique backdrop.

Whether it be sponsorship placements or even advertisements, it’ll sure to be the selfie station of the night. If you require a larger footprint, our custom modular booths are the perfect solution.


Pop-Up Shops or Sampling Stations

These have been popping up everywhere! If you live in a highly populated area like Toronto, then you might be quite familiar with this. Many retailers are using small pop-up stores as a way to market, sell and promote a new product. This is a trendy marketing initiative which has taken over the retail industry giving retailers the chance to create revenue outside of their big box store. Trade show booth displays can provide for easy mobility. Pack and go displays are simple and easy to setup, giving you more time to relax and focus on your product. A great fit for a quick setup would be the expand counter which can be setup in just a few minutes. Depending on the product you are selling you may want to give visitors and shoppers a chance to get interactive with your initiative. Combine a booth display with a touch screen kiosk or maybe an iPad stand – giving your product that stand out wow factor!


Photo Booths, Mall Kiosks and In-Store displays

Have you ever been to a wedding with a photo booth? Get your audience to try on those funny glasses and masquerade masks behind a trade show display booth at your next event. In-store displays are also very popular with retailers. With custom graphics, you can make anything happen! From designing an atmosphere for an outdoor goods store, to showcasing a comfortable room for a furniture store.


Outdoor Events 

When mixing and matching different trade show accessories, you can easily provide an area for an outdoor sampling bar or drink station. Many outdoor events require the setup to be quick with minimal labour. With the many display booths and accessories available from Custom Modular Displays, the possibilities for a custom booth are limitless.

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