Lightweight Reception Counters are here!

The majority of our customers tend to seek out exhibit pieces and displays to spice up their booth space at their next trade show and/or event. However, another niche market has been slowly emerging. Sometimes, display pieces are not only for use at a trade show. Mostly due to cost, flexibility, and mobility – trade show accessories and displays are widely being sought out to decorate an office, or to be used as office furniture.

What a great idea! Why pay the cost of a heavy furniture piece that will probably have to stay put for its entire life span? In addition, you may need to call a mover to lug that thing inside your office. Luckily, there are solutions that will enlighten you. Solutions that will make you re-consider your office furniture shopping list.

Your colleagues will thank you when you introduce them to a lightweight reception counter for your office that can easily be moved around, transported, and placed where you like. Ranging in different types, Custom Modular Displays offers Reception Counters in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes. So whatever you require, we have the solution that’s just right for you and your establishment. Plus, all of our Reception Counters can be custom modified to include your company’s graphics, logo, or any type of artwork along the bottom panels.

Each Reception Counter, no matter the size, comes neatly packed away in 1 roll away heavy-duty hard case. The largest Reception Counter can be assembled in 15 minutes, while the smallest version can be assembled in just 5 minutes!


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