It’s that time of year again!

It’s Christmas time! You know it’s that time of year again because fewer trade shows are scheduled, giving Marketing Departments the chance to relax and not think about any upcoming events or conferences for the month of December. However, the down time is limited, and before we know it January will be upon us and we’ll be thinking about new designs for upcoming events. 2019 is the year to consider how you can better display your brand at trade shows, how to
attract more people, get more leads, and most importantly gain brand recognition.


It’s all about the tech

As a society, we have never been more dependant on technology, and as it’s ever evolving, we will forever be working to keep up with the latest in tech. Now more than ever, we see this in the trade show industry. There are countless ways trade show displays can be enhanced with various elements of technology to better project a brands message or speak directly to consumers. Touchscreens are a perfect example of this.



Touch Screen interaction – It’s no secret, touchscreen displays have dazzled audiences in recent years. With ease of access to company messaging or products, your clients are able to quickly browse all company information and essentially make a decision right then and there with the touch of their fingertips. Better yet, it eliminates the need for brochures and paper handouts
that inevitably go to waste at the end of the show. Give your audience interaction with technology, it’s what they want.

Modern display structures 

At Custom Modular Displays, we only carry current, high quality displays. Other companies are still offering the same old trade show booth made in 2001. You know which one I’m referring to – the one you paid a hefty price for and is now sitting in your company’s storage room in 3 cases probably weighing a ton. Modern displays include lightweight construction, durable materials that last a long time. Trade show display booths made today are more versatile and can accommodate a future design if needed. Some of our displays can be fused together and can be converted, mixed and matched. For more information and to see examples of these designs for yourself, view our inventory of new, modern display structures and our line of Fusion displays.

Graphics with LED lighting

With digital backwalls and video taking over everyones screens and monitors, just printing a graphic for your display sometimes isn’t enough to gain that traction you were hoping to receive at your events. Why not stand out from the trail of companies who are just following the others. Be unique and original with your brand. We carry a line of Lightwall displays that have been known to attract attention. Some of them even have light changing effects.

Be sure to make a sensible and sound decision when deciding on new displays for your brand. Whether its a rental or purchase, we’re experts at assisting you in making the right decision that works best for you.

We’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year! Stay tuned for more from Custom Modular Displays in 2019 – Cheers!