FabLight – Big, Bold, and Bright!

Make a statement with this new trade show display inspired by our popular FabLite product line. This beautiful structure is comprised of a collapsable lightbar on the inside so that your custom graphics can shine bright!

The FabLight is a Tube System display which means the entire structure requires no tools to assemble. The tubular structure of the FabLight has the ability to create unique shapes and the new double frame assembly can be used as two individual FabLite displays.

The Custom tailored dye-sub pillowcase graphics can now be four-sided instead of just two – giving you bonus branding opportunities!

Some features of the FabLight display include:

  • Same affordable, lightweight tubular display with ability to create unique shapes
  • Same multi-functional base plate for layering
  • New double frame assembly can be used as two individual FabLite displays
  • New single collapsible lightbar illuminates entire display with no hot spots
  • Custom tailored dye-sub pillowcase graphics, with new four-sided branding opportunities
  • Same easy, tool-free assembly
  • **Packaging not included

To learn more about the FabLight Display and how you could have this custom tailored to your brand at your next trade show or corporate event, contact Custom Modular Displays. Visit us at www.cmdisplays.com